Ancient Wisdom
Modern Science

Shaolin, Taoist and Zen arts have been producing health
and happiness for centuries. Modern science now understands
much more about how this works and you can make it a reality
in your everyday life. Come and learn how to do that from
four masters of these arts. Spend time with like-minded people,
have some fun and go home with the tools and
confidence to change your life.

Did you know...
Modern science recognises a simple truth: that the environment changes who you are at the DNA and cellular level (epigenetics) as does your response to that environment. It is a continuous, balancing, evolutionary process.


The Tao of Wellbeing

Did you know...
The Shaolin, Taoist and Zen arts understand how the rhythms of the environment and individual interact. More importantly, they show practically how to use that understanding to be healthier and happier.

Did you know...
Not everything is good for you all of the time. For example: Orange juice might be more beneficial to you at some times in the year than others. And if you were in a highly tuned state of awareness you would recognise this kind of thing naturally, through direct experience.

orange juice


The thing is though...
How to make this practical in your life without years of dedicated research or practice? The good news is Masters of Shaolin, Taoism and Zen have already done the work for you over many centuries.

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