Living Naturally Course

So what's this course about? It's about how to make the ancient wisdom in Taoism, Zen and Shaolin work for you practically in your everyday life. And what do you get out of that? Good health, less stress, more energy, a clearer mind and a simple, joyous
connection with the people and the world around you.

The Zen, Taoist and Shaolin approaches to living naturally
Qi Qong practices for health and vitality
Practical Meditation
Healthy ways of eating throughout the year
An understanding of what gets in the way of living naturally
Realistic and concrete ways to make it work in everyday life



Daily Training
Each day:
you will be introduced to one of the five elements,
participate in Qi Qong practices, meditation and lectures
enjoy some delicious food and great company.
have an opportunity to ask questions
learn how to make this work for you.

Modern Science
Modern science (Epigenetics, Neuro Feedback) recognises that the environment changes who you are, as does your response to that environment. The Zen, Taoist and Shaolin systems have known this for centuries. They hold the key to making practical use of this understanding. This approach helps you respond and act in different ways leading to positive internal changes. It affects two fundamental things; your health at every level and the way you relate to yourself and the world.




Living Naturally
The science of this can get very complicated. Surprisingly the methods to produce and maintain the changes are actually very simple and practical. Unfortunately, as the majority of people don't have the practical information on how to practice or use it on a daily level they go about life not even knowing they have a choice. Once you know the methods you will start to create a positive spiral, which will help you get back to natural, healthy living.

That’s what the course is about; learning how to put this stuff into practice on an everyday practical level. We have invited Sifu Kai to share his knowledge, understanding and methods, developed over the last 40 years, to give you an insight into living naturally in harmony. Sifu Kai has been taking advantage of the real mechanics and understanding of the science and traditions that make easy and smooth living very attainable, and he will be explaining how to do it in an uncomplicated way. This course will teach you the practical methods and skills on how to live in tune with the world wonderfully.


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